The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and other publications have named Vancouver as one of the best places to live in the world. If you are wondering what makes this city tick, then you should read on to find out why people are moving to Vancouver. Some of them include:

The nature

Simply put, Vancouver is a beautiful place. It lies between the Pacific ocean and the great Rockies. Almost every spot you visit has a beautiful landscape that belongs to an artist’s canvas. Artists and photographers take advantage of the nature to create pieces for sale.

The climate

Most people’s definition of the perfect place to be entails mild temperatures that do not swing to the extreme. Vancouver never gets too cold during winter, neither does it get extremely hot when it is summer. It is the best place to be all year round and you can enjoy Best nightlife in Vancouver without worrying about horrible and sudden change in climate.

Proper utilization of space

Unlike other cities that focus on building high rise building and skyscrapers, Vancouver has done a good job in utilization of space to reserve the view of the beautiful landscape and hills that they have. You will find taller buildings interchanged with shorter ones so that people can still enjoy views without having buildings blocking them.

Good public transport

Vancouver has good public transport that ranges from sky trains, They also have bikes that you can hire and move around if you do not have a car. There are always discoveries that aim at making people live comfortably without owning cars.

Enjoyable sports

There are a lot of golf courses in Vancouver, so if you are sporty, you can join and start training. Other than golf, there are other sporting activities that make Vancouver great. The city has a reputation for being sporty, and even hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. Their home teams such as BC Lions, Canucks and Whitecaps perform well and have a huge following.

Great outdoor activities

Although Vancouver is considered to be a relatively expensive city, it also provides several outdoor activities that are not so expensive. If you enjoy riding bikes, you can hire some and go for a ride. You can also go for hiking or camping, as most of these activities are always free.

Healthy lifestyle

Since it is surrounded by nature, the air you breath in Vancouver should be clean and free from pollutants. However, this is not the case. There are also several farmers markets that sell fresh produce straight from their farms. You will also find a group of restaurants that serve organic food.

If you have been wondering how life is in Vancouver, then you can rest assured that it appeals to people of all ages.