If you have never played golf, you probably think it is one of the most difficult games in the world. From lingos such as birdies, bogies and different types of golf courses; it seems like a very tough sport. However, once you learn the basics of the game, you will realize that it is a very interesting sport to play. Some of the basics to master if you want to learn about playing golf in British Columbia include:

Work on your posture and grip

For you to make the perfect shot, you need to have the right posture. The tilt should be on your hips and not waist. The other thing you should practise is your grip on the club. Keep holding the club eve when you are not playing in the course so that you get acquainted with the feeling of having the club in your hand.

Do not ignore putting

The biggest mistake newbies make is focusing on long range shots and doing nothing about their putting (hitting the ball in light strokes) Always remember that putts make up half of your strokes in a round so you should master it as well as you do your long shots.

Go to a driving range

When you are at a driving range, you get the opportunity to hit many balls without worrying about having to search and find them. Additionally, going to a driving range exposes you to professionals who can provide better guidance on how to play better.

Master the golfing etiquette

Golfing is a game defined by several rules and etiquette. Before you can start thinking of becoming a champion, work on the basics. Know what you should wear to a golf course, where to wheel your trolley, and the accepted behavior while playing golf. The best way to go about it is doing research online, and going to the nearest golfing area around you to ask if you can get an instructor.

Go for more loft

If you are just starting out, it is advisable to go for extra loft. This is because it is easier to hit the ball into the air without getting a side spin when the loft is greater. You also have a higher chance of getting a straight shot when you are in a loftier place.

Get a good instructor

Things will be easier for you if you get a good trainer who can guide you and work at your pace. Look for reviews, ask questions and opt for a teacher who will not only accommodate your schedule, but one who will also make you enjoy the learning process.

Once you have the right attitude, it should not be difficult to master the game. There are several places in British Columbia where you can work towards becoming a champion.