The list of things you can do in British Columbia (BC) cannot be exhausted. Even though golf is one of the things people think about when they talk about BC, there are several other things that you can do.

Go For Adventure

If you get a thrill from trying out different adventure activities, then BC is the place for you. You can create a lot of memories by engaging in boat tours, whale watching in the Pacific, and hikes to the mountains that are part of BC. You can take a bus ride to the Butchart Gardens or go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and test your adrenaline.

Try Bird Watching

Lovers of nature find bird watching in BC so fulfilling. You can spot herons, geese, owls, eagles, sandpipers and other types of birds that live in the ecosystem. Areas like the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Stanley Park and Boundary Bay will provide you with an opportunity to get out your binoculars and watch the interesting birds.

Go Hiking

People who are on a small budget who still want to have fun can always opt for hiking as one of the activities to do in BC besides golfing. Going up the Grouse Grind gives breathtaking views once you get to the top. You should then take the gondola ride to slide down and get your heart pumping with excitement.

Visit the Anthropology Museum

There is a saying that goes; you never really understand people until you know their history. The history of people in Vancouver dates back many years. By visiting the anthropology museum, you get to understand their art, beliefs and stories that you may never experience anywhere else.

Go to the Olympic Village

If you are a sports fan or just anyone who loves general knowledge, you probably know that the 2010 Olympic Games were held in Vancouver. Take a walk to the village and see where the famous athletes were housed. You can ask people around to share their experience and look at the interesting things that were left behind.

Wander to the Beach

Nothing can replace the feeling of walking barefoot around the beach as you watch the rising and falling waters. The Kitsilano Beach, Jericho and West End beaches are some of the interesting places you can go to. You can also go skinny dipping if you want to add a twist to your beach experience.

Window Shop in Gastown

You do not have to have much money to get immersed in the world of shopping. Vancouver has a place called Gastown where you can seek out delicacies, fashion items, wines, and different types of items. Moreover, it provides you with the perfect place to watch people and understand Canadian culture.