If you’re looking for the lowdown on playing golf in British Columbia, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got everything that you need to know about playing one of the world’s most popular sports on the stunningly beautiful west coast of Canada. Whether you’re looking for information about the fabulous range of courses that are available all across the province, or want information on golf shops in British Columbia, our wide selection of articles and resources will have you covered.

The thing that makes playing golf in British Columbia unique is the fantastic scenery that’s on offer. Whether you want to play in the foothills of some of the region’s imposing mountains or to overlook the stunning Pacific coast, there’s bound to be a golf course that perfectly meets your requirements. All it takes is some worthwhile research and a good understanding of what you want. An excellent place to begin is by taking a look through the travel section of the CBC website, and deciding where you want to go.

Of course, not all golf courses are the same as each other, and a course that’s perfect for one type of golfer may be pure torture for another. That’s why it’s important to get as much information about the course you’re considering playing on, before you pay your green fees, and make your travel arrangements. Fortunately, this is another thing that is much easier in the age of the internet than it once was. Generally, you should begin by looking at the website of the golf course itself, to see how it describes itself, its course, and the types of player that it is looking to attract. If everything that you find there appeals to you, then cast your net a little bit wider, by looking for independent reviews, which have been written by those who have already played on the course. Opinions can vary, so, if possible, look at the profile of the golfer who has written the review, to check if the type of golf course they were looking at, matches what you want. Online reviews are generally far more useful when you approach them from this point of view.

Finally, keep your eyes fixed on the prize, and make sure that you have a proper set of criteria in mind. It’s easy to become distracted by all sorts of facilities at a golf course, that won’t actually matter to you when you start playing there. Think about what will really impact the experience that you have, and focus on that when you’re making a decision, on where to play golf the next time that you’re in British Columbia. We hope our articles help you to do this.